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c-dOT 416

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C-Dot 416's music is a blend of Hip-Hop, Rap, and Pop, with just a touch of EDM. His way of blending these genres has been crucial to his current success and has aided in growing his fan base all over the world.


C-Dot 416 currently has fans in over 73 countries around the world, contributing to over 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone.


Though C-Dot 416 was born in Maine, he grew up and was raised in Toronto. Living in Toronto changed C-Dot's life and helped shape the person he is today. C-Dot's catchy hooks and clever verses have contributed to his early successes. Fans can't get enough of his music as it paints a vivid picture of his past and present, leaving them wanting more and more.


C-Dot's biggest song to date, Strange Love, was released in late June and has generated over 2 million plays between popular streaming services and Youtube. We expect to see further success with the song as its popularity continues to grow.


You’re going to want to be along for the ride because big things are coming for C-Dot 416.

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